How to Create Engaging Content That Drives Sales

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Nothing is more important than giving your customers a reason to buy. Engaging content is a key to attracting leads, converting them into customers, and keeping them happy for the long term. Why are so many businesses spending thousands of dollars on content without any benefits? Tell your customers about your products and services is not enough – you need them to want it.

Blindly following a nonstrategic method in handling content creation and publishing is not ideal. How can you create compelling content that drives sales? How do you create engaging content that makes customers say YES? Read on.

Why Is Content Marketing Important?

Content marketing is vital because content marketing gains more sales, prospects, and customers. We know customers’ attention spans are short. With that in mind, competition among marketers is at an all-time high, with marketers attempting to engage them wherever they look, click, or go.

Given the enormous demand for consumers’ attention, how can your content marketing strategy break through the noise?

Creating engaging content for a business is the Holy Grail. When done right, content marketing can generate, optimize, and distribute branded content that is relevant, valuable, and easily consumed by your target audience. Creating a consistent stream of engaging content can be overwhelming, whether you’re new to content marketing or not. Content marketing is a reality and a necessity in today’s business, so you almost need to do it.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of creating engaging, consistent, and high-quality content.

Build brand awareness with valuable content

Brand awareness is the essential advantage of content marketing. Creating content that your target audience wants to share and discuss can make them realize that your product or service is what they need. That is why you should never stop improving your content to increase the number of shares and interactions from your audience.

Valuable content helps in building your credibility and authority with your target audience.

Everyone has their area of expertise and consistently sharing that valuable knowledge with your audience, whether through writing, video, audio, visual, or any other medium you prefer, will establish your credibility.  If you find problems or challenges your ideal clients have and offer solutions that help, you will land buyers.

Consistent valuable content will give your audience reason to stick around.

People are bound to want more if you provide them with content that is useful and effective. Valuable content will establish your credibility and build trust. This vital asset can provide a positive experience for your target audience. 

Content marketing improves conversion.

Spending money on providing high-quality and informative content to your prospects will keep your organic traffic steady and drive sales. 

High-quality and effective marketing content will bring more traffic to your site.

The more people that see your content and find value in them will seamlessly funnel people to your products or services. Once your potential client trusts you, the more opportunities you will have to get more sales. 

Quality content can increase your search engine optimization (SEO) and online visibility. 

If you fine-tune your content for your target audience, your business can improve its authority and relevance in your niche by attracting new leads. The good news is some metrics can be helpful and create ease for you to achieve your goal.

There are many powerful benefits to creating engaging content. And it’s easy to see why many people and businesses build their content marketing strategies.

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3 Key Points in Content Marketing

Developing engaging content goes beyond sprucing up your socials and website with random content. It’s serious work that combines art and science. Below are key points you must remember when creating engaging content.

1. Relevance

Content marketing is about relevance. Stay on top of things while being true to your brand, voice, and mission. But also remember to fulfill your target audience’s needs.

2. Value

Provide value to your target audience. People naturally navigate to content that gives answers to questions. By recognizing your audiences’ struggles, you’ll be able to create content that will not only helps find solutions but also attract new visitors and cement your authority.

3. Digestible

Modern technology makes it easier for us to find information with a simple click which kills our patience. Now, a human’s attention span is all of 8 seconds! Hence, you need to scale down your content that allows your target audience to grace and skim while it is entertaining, helpful, and relevant. 

Content marketing drive sales for your business, but it doesn’t mean you need to push too much. Instead, aim for your content to be educational, engaging, and entertaining that even if your target audience can’t buy yet, your business will remain on top of mind. This will come in handy when the time comes when your target audience reaches their purchase point

Now all that is out of the way, and I know you’re thinking, what’s the point of all we discussed? So get ready because we’ll dive into the challenging yet exciting part! 

How to Create Engaging Content

Content is the bridge that allows us to build relationships with our target audience throughout the sales cycle. Therefore, your content marketing strategy must be realistic and fruitful to prosper. Here are steps you can take to create engaging content that drives sales.

1 – Set your goals.

A successful content marketing strategy always starts with well-defined goals. Many people skip this step. It’s an important one because if you don’t have a goal, you don’t have anywhere to aim your efforts. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with your content marketing. If you want to get more business from existing customers or keep clients for a long time, consider the things they’ve already shown an interest in.

2 – Write for your target audience.

Write specifically to one person who will read the post. But before that, you need to see what type they want and align that to sell your products or services. The easiest way to get that information is to ask for feedback, run a poll on Instagram, and engage with them through social media. 

3 – Personalize it. 

Personalize everything, from email marketing campaigns to social media posts and landing pages to your customer support process. Your prospects’ impression deals with a person who understands their needs and is concerned with providing an excellent experience.

4 – Pick which content marketing medium, formats, and schedules.

Start by searching where your target audience is to connect with them. Understanding your audience is advantageous. 

  • Do these prospects fond of reading, listening, or watching? 
  • What do they read, listen and watch? 

With that information, choose the medium to distribute your content. Mix things up, repurpose content for different formats to keep your audience engaged, and work out which type of format converts well.

5 – Include customer polls in your marketing materials. 

Ask customers what they like and dislike about your product or service, and then use their responses in future communications with them in various ways. 

For example, if they like one feature but dislike another, figure out how to incorporate both into future communications (for instance, by using more features rather than less).

6 – Use word clouds or infographics to add value.

Accomplish this by either creating your custom graphics or hiring someone else to do so (an agency). The key is to add value while keeping things simple.

7 – Use many visuals.

Images may seem trivial in text-based mediums such as social media, but they can make all the difference!  

Using images helps us understand what we’re looking at faster than words alone, making them the perfect tool for grabbing your target audience’s attention and quickly understanding a story. 

8 – Keep it brief and to the point.

People don’t have time to read long articles on social media, especially something as simple as a new product launch or an upcoming event. Keep it short and sweet to avoid losing interest before they even read the post!

9 – Analytics and refinement of content

Just because you created and released the content doesn’t mean you can sit idly or relax. Evaluate to see what is working and what’s not. Marketing today has advanced so far that almost everything can now be tracked and measured. Therefore, you need to take advantage of these metrics by checking regularly. 

  • Is it performing successfully to achieve your set goal? 
  • Did it work on one channel but not on another? 
  • What is the cause? 
  • Is it simply a lack of exposure? 

After you know the answer to these questions, improving your content will be easier.  

Creating the right kind of engaging content for your business is a lot of work. It takes patience and time, yet the benefits are worth it, especially if you’re a small business owner with a small marketing budget. 

Content marketing is about humanizing your brand and connecting with your target audience. The more engaged your audience is with you, the more likely to purchase from you. Follow these steps to create a well thought and engaging content to help you reach your goal.

Stand out from the crowd using our expert content strategy. We’ll help you identify areas where your healthcare organization is succeeding and where we can formulate new ideas to improve your overall content marketing campaign.

Janine Kelbach
Janine Kelbach RNC-OB

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