Wellness Articles

Wellness Articles

4 articles

Each article include 5 different titles to choose from

1200-1600 words each

Evidence Based References from 2017-2021

SEO driven

Written by RNs and Nurse practitioners

40 Credits

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This bundle includes:

  1. Why is physical fitness so necessary in today’s society?
  2. 9 ways to stay fit and healthy at your own pace
  3. How Exercise Can Improve your Mood
  4. Why I should start exercising today

Audience: Women
Tone: Conversational

  • These articles are fully customizable for you and your team to add in your calls to action / tweak anyway you want
  • You are responsible to add in social links etc to the social content
  • No byline from our writers
  • Writers will be only those who have nursing experience in health and wellness
  • No backlinks to other articles on your site
  • Limited to 60 downloads, so other companies may want to buy the same private labeled content


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