5 Proven Strategies to Amplify Your Healthcare Content and Skyrocket Online Visibility

5 Proven Strategies to Amplify Your Healthcare Content and Skyrocket Online Visibility

If you believe in “build it and they will come,” then it’s time to address this false statement, especially in the reality of healthcare content creation. Achieving success in healthcare content strategy requires strategic efforts and this blog post offers actionable tips to help your healthcare brand enhance its online visibility. Whether you’re looking to boost your rankings on Google search or increase your presence, implementing these strategies will surely help you reach your desired results and get ahead of your competitors.

“Build it and they will come” is a false statement regarding online healthcare content. Learning to increase visibility won’t result in overnight success. However, this article will provide you with actionable ways to get more eyes on high-quality, engaging content. If you follow these tips, over time you will increase your chances of success on Google.

5 Tips to Increase Your Content Visibility

Tip #1: Create healthcare content within a specialized YMYL niche.

Niche content is very important when it comes to visibility on Google. Content creators should use their creative efforts on Google’s algorithm that focuses on specializing in YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) niches. YMYL is content focusing on specific areas such as finance, healthcare, and legal.

Pro tip: If you create healthcare content and have an expert write it, you will rank higher.

Tip #2: Focus on quality longtail niche keywords.

Focus on quality longtail niche keywords to boost your niche content. If your content ranks with longtail keywords, you will find a specific audience that is interested in the content you provide. 

Longtail keywords are specific keyword phrases, typically three or more words long, that are used to target niche audiences. Consider a broad keyword such as “Coffee Cups”; a longtail keyword would be “Coffee Cups From Cleveland, Ohio”. 

Using Google’s “People Also Ask” feature is a good way to decipher longtail keywords. These longtail keywords can help content creators target the right audience for their content, enabling them to reach the right people who are interested in their niche topic. When you focus on quality longtail niche keywords, your content will be more likely to be discovered and shared, leading to a higher ranking and increased visibility online.

Pro tip: When searching for keywords, look for those with high volume and low competition.

Tip #3: Use evidence-based research with internal links.

Evidence-based research with internal links is a great way to boost your niche content to rank on Google. Using information related to tips 1 and 2, adding evidence-based links that are not competitors of your product or service is another way to increase your visibility and get seen on Google. For example, WriteRN is a company that employs nurse writers, and all content has related internal links to back up any information that was stated, thereby boosting the article’s credibility. 

Pro tip: Not only does WriteRN have a YMYL niche (healthcare) but it also has the expertise of the writers creating the content (nurses). Therefore, that company will rank higher over time than a regular content agency with no niche YMYL topic and without experts writing the content. 

Within the post, create internal links to other areas on your site that have related content. For example, the present article could be internally linked to other articles that talk about Google ranking. Overall, evidence-based research with internal links is a better way to increase the quality and reach of your niche content.

Tip #4: Create great content, often.

I can’t stress this point enough. Don’t create content only to create content. As an online content creator, you must create healthcare content that people care about and ask about. Good content is important to the success of any niche because a reader wants to read content that is clear, concise, informative, entertaining, or fun. 

After you create quality healthcare content, continue doing it. This keeps readers engaged and looking for more. On the Google ranking side, quality content drives organic traffic to the website, hence increasing rankings and your brand’s visibility. Additionally, creating great content helps establish a brand as an industry leader and increases the chances of your being included in Google search engine results.

Pro tip: Create a content calendar to help you stay on track with ideas, content stages, when the posts go live, and when they are shared on social media.

Tip #5: Know what headings are and use them correctly.

By “heading,” I’m referring to the formatting inside an article. Headings help structure content in a way that lets the reader skim and still get the takeaways. Readers have short attention spans, and the goal of headings is to give a minimal amount of information to the reader so that they can understand the article without actually reading it. 

Pro tip: Use keywords inside relevant headings to help increase rankings on Google.

Using these tips will help you rank your niched content faster on Google. Remember to focus on a niche in the YMYL arena, use focused longtail keywords, use internal linking with evidence-based information, create relevant, consistent content, and understand how to use headings in formatting your pieces.

About the Author

Janine Kelbach RNC-OB
Janine Kelbach RNC-OB

Janine is a Registered Nurse since 2006, specializing in labor and delivery. She still works at the bedside, as needed. She built Write RN back in 2015 when she started as a freelance writer.

Over the years, and many clients later, she studied marketing, grew her marketing skills, her portfolio (over 200+ pieces), and her business to the agency it is today.

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