How We Vet Nurse Writers at Write RN

How We Vet Writers at Write RN

Finding a content writer who meets your company’s needs can be challenging. To ensure we find you the best possible nurse writer for your project, we at Write RN must take the time to vet nurse writers in our team. In this article, I will share exactly how we do that.

Our Step-by-Step Approach to Vet Nurse Writers

Step 1. Search our Nurse Writer Database

For us to vet nurse writers to join our team, it is required that they fill out a form inside our nurse writer database. We have over 150+ nurse writers inside our database. We ask the following questions to our writers:

  • Name
  • Have you written professionally? If so, where?
  • Website
  • Writing sample links
  • Social Media links
  • Credentials (many to choose from)
  • Current Certifications (many to choose from)
  • Clinical specialties (MANY to choose from)
  • Writing specialties (many to choose from)
  • Nurse writer Bio

This portfolio helps us understand the potential writer’s background and portfolio. We also receive relevant portfolio information and experience. 

(Client side: We may do a database search before starting the project to make sure we have the writers in our database)

an infographic for How We Vet nurse Writers at Write RN

Step 2. Notify our writers of potential opportunity

The next step is to send a “call for writers” to see who is available to take on the project. The interested writers fill out a form that notifies us. We give the potential writer details about the project’s scope and provide compensation and turnaround time for the writer.

(Client side, we would have already sent over our intake questionnaire to understand your business and scope of the project)

Step 3. Check the Writer Rating System

We go back to our nurse writer database to look at their rating. Our writer rating system is a system we developed to rate our writers 1-5 on the quality of their work. Our top-notch editors rate them. We always choose our 5 star writers.

FAQ. But, what if they haven’t written for Write RN clients yet?

We always have the writer provide a trial sample. The trial sample is a sample that is relevant to the work our client needs. The writer gives an ample amount of time to complete it.

We pay our editor to edit and rate the writer to ensure we have excellent quality (you don’t pay us).

If we move forward* with the writer, we will offer the article to the client for a cost (if the client requests 4 blog posts that month, it would count towards 1 of the 4).

*Note: We also offer our writers a writing skills course.

(Client side, we would ask for a sample idea from you to help with content needs. We wouldn’t want to have something go to waste.)

Step 4. Get Started

We get started with the project as soon as we know we have the writers and availability to complete the work on time. We always want satisfied customers, and we do so by putting systems in place to vet quality writers.

When it comes to hiring the best candidate for content writing, it’s important to us that we vet nurse writers thoroughly. Doing so will ensure that you end up with the right person for the job and we end up with the best nurse writers!

About the Author

Janine Kelbach RNC-OB
Janine Kelbach RNC-OB

Janine is a Registered Nurse since 2006, specializing in labor and delivery. She still works at the bedside, as needed. She built Write RN back in 2015 when she started as a freelance writer.

Over the years, and many clients later, she studied marketing, grew her marketing skills, her portfolio (over 200+ pieces), and her business to the agency it is today.

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