Travel Nursing Client

Case Study

This healthcare content case study illustrates how Write RN helped a Travel Nurse company improve their content strategy, leading to significant growth in engagement and business.


Challenges Faced By This Travel Nursing Company

  • No keyword analysis had been performed.
  • No SME writers for Google to recognize in search results.
  • Existing blog content had no engagement and wasn’t yielding results via Google.
  • Uncertainty about how to start a manageable content strategy and create content briefs with focus keywords.


  • Develop a comprehensive content strategy.
  • Produce high-quality, keyword-focused content to improve search engine visibility.
  • Increase engagement and business growth through optimized content.

Solutions Implemented

Write RN addressed the client’s needs by:

  • Developing a clear content strategy.
  • Producing four new articles per week.
  • Reviewing and optimizing existing content.

Results Achieved

6x Business Growth: Implementing the inbound strategy led to a sixfold increase in new business.

Improved Search Engine Visibility: The keyword-focused content improved the company’s rankings on Google.

Enhanced Engagement: The new and optimized content attracted more readers and increased engagement on their blog.



  • Strategic Content Creation
  • Expert Writers
  • Sustained Growth


Write RN’s strategic approach and expert content creation significantly boosted the Travel Nurse company’s online presence and business growth. This healthcare content case study highlights the tangible benefits of a well-executed content strategy, showcasing our SEO success stories, medical content strategy results, and nurse-led content success.


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