3 Reasons To Start Your Freelance Writing Biz in 2018

reasons to start a freelance business
There are many reasons that I branched out into the freelance writing business world. I knew I needed something different. I knew I needed flexibility. I knew I needed to learn more, and I had a desire to help patients in a different way. For 2018, I’m striving to grow my freelance writing business, to learn new things, and to grow a tribe of health writers that have the same vision. Over at the Healthcare Marketing Network, we hone in on writers in the Healthcare niche. We strive to help you grow and we want your business to succeed…so our patients succeed.

Freelance Writing Business Delivers Flexibility

freelance writing business for 2018One of the main reasons I started my freelance writing business was to be with my family more. Working long hours at the hospital was filling my heart for the love I have for patient care. Though, it was dissatisfied with my children who didn’t get to see me sometimes at all during the day. Now as a freelancer, I work while they’re in school, I work in the evening after they go to bed or my during my big hour power is in the morning from 430 to 530. I still work part-time at the hospital, but if the boys had it their way, I’d be home all the time. Unfortunately, kids, I need to be away from you sometimes <Props to your stay at home mommas, but I like working.> My entrepreneurship has rubbed off on them. My 13-year-old recently was looking for some side jobs. I gave him a job making some Pinterest images for me. He has helped me in the past with different client packages and testing newsletters. That’s something I want to instill in my kids. My little guy, who is only 5, likes to work alongside me “doing his work”.

The Patients Deserve It

Another one of my main goals of starting a freelance writing business was to deliver patient’s information that was accurate. I was sick of all my patients coming into the hospital with information that has no credible evidence behind it. I continue to educate my patients at the hospital for the websites they should be researching for their care. I have even partnered with my institution to deliver content.

You Never Stop Learning

Back in the day when I became a nurse, one of the senior staff nurses told me, “the day you stop learning is the day you should move onto a different career.” And, at my current nursing job, I have not stopped learning. It’s been 15 years that I’ve been on the floor in labor and delivery and there’s something new that I learned Every. Single. Day. I tell all the nurses I train that this should be their goal as well. You should always be learning. This goes beyond the nursing floor into my writing. I am far from an excellent writer. I have a lot of growing to do in my business and my writing. Therefore, I am always learning. I take courses I learned from peers, and I even started the mastermind group to learn from others. Make 2018 your year to shine. Make Freelance Writing Business #YourNextPRNJob.

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Janine Kelbach

Janine Kelbach

I'm a Registered Nurse since 2006, specializing in labor and delivery. I still work at the bedside, as needed. I am delighted to have been featured on many podcasts, publications, and worked with clients such as Pfizer, Healthline, Medscape, and more.

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