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Are you passionate about your nursing career and want to stay up to date with the latest trends in your field? How do you find the time to do this as a working nurse? Nurse blogs are a great way for you to stay up to date on the latest nursing news and developments.

Historically, nursing journals and conferences have been the standard however they can be time-consuming and expensive for the working nurse.

It can be difficult to find nursing blogs that are up to date, and provide evidence-based, quality, and useful content. We’ve made it easy for you and picked 10 nurse blogs that are worth bookmarking, check them out below!

10 Nurse Blogs That Are Worth Reading

1. On the Pulse- Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine

This blog features a variety of topics including interviews with advanced practice nurses, and tips on how to navigate difficult patient experiences to the latest trends forecasted by Johns Hopkins expert faculty. Their site also features the On the Pulse podcast which hosts frontline providers and researchers to discuss different topics and personal experiences.

2. Daily Nurse- The Pulse of Nursing 

If you are looking for the latest news, career advice, and professional events then the DailyNurse site is it. The Daily Nurse site not only features the most current events but also provides nurses with free articles on nursing life, advice, and educational and career opportunities. The majority of these articles are written by nurses. 

3. Straight A Nursing Student

The Straight A Nursing Student blog is authored by a critical care nurse with over 8 years of experience. It covers highly valuable content such as fundamentals, medical-surgical nursing, pharmacology, and more. As the title suggests, it is intended for nursing students however it is also a great resource for new nurses and for those on the job who enjoys continuous education and staying on trend.

4.  Off The Charts- American Journal of Nursing Blog

This award-winning blog is a must-read. Off the Charts publishes 2-3 posts per week highlighting the latest research findings, challenges within clinical practice, public health news, and issues related to nursing careers and even includes personal stories. Blog contributors include working nurses, patients, researchers, professors, policy leaders, and American Journal of Nursing editors. 

5. AllNurses

AllNurses is made up of a large community of nurses and contains articles from over 60 specialties. Nurses, nursing students, and educators share personal stories, educational content, and career advice. The site also features study guides for nursing students and working nurses who would like to specialize in a specific area.

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6. Nurse Power Blog

The Nurse Power blog is written by Donna Cardillo “The Inspiration Nurse”. Donna is a nurse with over 25 years of experience in clinical, management, and business setting. Her blog is split into two categories, the first, Nurse Power Blog focuses on personal stories, career advice, and inspirational stories for the working nurse. If you are looking for motivating and inspiring stories, you can find these under the Motivation Cafe category. 

7. FreshRN

Kati Kleber is a nurse educator and founder of FreshRN. FreshRN offers nursing courses (some of which are free!), books, resources, and a blog. Kati’s blog covers a variety of topics for student nurses, new grad RNs and working nurses. Categories include critical care, cardiac and med-Surg nursing, nursing humor, and life, just to name a few. The blogs are written by Kati and her experienced team of nurses, nurse practitioners, and other professionals. FreshRN also features interviews and tips from experienced nurse leaders on the FreshRN podcast.

8. News and Views | ONS Voice

Another blog to add to your nurse blogs list is hosted by the Oncology Nursing Society and features articles written by working nurses and staff writers. It provides readers with nursing news and stories including the latest research developments, professional practice, and self-care tips. 

9. The Gypsy Nurse

The Gypsy Nurse articles are written by leaders in the industry, fellow travel nurses, travel agencies, and other professionals. Its purpose is to help travel nurses along their professional journey and is intended for all nurses whether they are in the early stages of their career or are seasoned nurses. You can also join the Gypsy Nurse Community which includes job opportunities, events, and continuing education. 

10. Nurse Keith’s Digital Doorway

Digital Doorway is a blog authored by Registered Nurse Keith Carlson since 2005. Nurse Keith is also a holistic nurse career coach and features different topics such as career development, patient-nurse relationships, and nurse wellness. 

These nurse blogs provide quality content to educate, empower and motivate you in your nursing career. Some of the blogs listed above can also help you connect with other nursing professionals or may even lead to employment opportunities. 

At some point in your career, you may want to become a nurse blog contributor yourself. You can share your knowledge, and connect with and inspire other nurses. Nurse writers are an expanding field and the growth opportunities are endless! Check out this Nurse Writer Database  with over 100 Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners. WriteRN is a digital agency that delivers high-quality, evidence-based content through its writing services.

About the Author

Lizzette Cruz, MS, RN
Lizzette Cruz, MS, RN

Lizzette is a freelance nurse writer specializing in health/wellness content and medical/regulatory writing with 8+ years of experience in the Cardiovascular Research field. Her background includes a BS in Physiology and MS in Nursing.

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