How Nurse Writers Deliver Content That Drives Reach and Engagement

How Nurse Writers Deliver Content That Drive Reach and Engagement

Nurses are the foundation of the healthcare industry. As healthcare changes, the nurse writer must continually evolve to meet the demands. Nurse writers are essential to providing educational and engaging content for businesses, consumers, and healthcare professionals. This blog post will explore why nurse writers are the best choice for delivering compelling content that drives reach and engagement. You will also learn the benefits of using nurse writers and how they impact healthcare marketing campaigns.

How Do Nurse Writers Ensure Content is Optimized to Boost Reach and Engagement?

Nurse writers are healthcare experts but are also well-versed in the analytics of optimizing digital content to maximize connecting consumers and businesses. 

  • By using search engine optimization (SEO), keywords, and internal and external links, nurse writers create purposeful content to drive engagement to your social media platforms and traffic to your businesses. 
  • Nurses know where to find consumers. They use targeted emails, newsletters, and social media to diversify their reach to target audiences.
  • When using social media posts, nurse writers use calls to action, hashtags, infographics, and mentions to drive traffic through various platforms. 

Strategies That Nurse Writers Use to Create Compelling Content

With a nearly unlimited amount of information on the internet, nurse writers are challenged to create compelling content. Here are three strategies that nurse writers use to drive engagement.

  • They know the audience. Who is the target audience, and what do they need to know?  Are you targeting consumer subscribers, businesses, or other healthcare professionals? Nurse writers are well-versed in adapting their messages to the target audience to boost engagement. When nurse writers create social media posts for young adults, they use a different tone and voice than when writing an academic article for healthcare professionals.
  • They know the niche. Nurse writers have a particular niche. Their education, nursing expertise, and life experiences have given them the skills to relate to your target audience or topic. They have a keen awareness of what the needs are of specific populations. Nurse writers choose topics based on their strengths and passions, making creating high-quality content easy.
  • They know how to post on social media. Social media content is best kept direct, entertaining, and easy to consume in a short amount of time. Nurse writers know how to use images and videos to capture the audience’s attention. They maintain a positive and light tone and target the audience’s needs, creating relationships to increase engagement and traffic.

Benefits of Using Nurse Writers to Create Content

Do you ever wonder why you would want to use a nurse writer for healthcare content? Nurses are an obvious answer to your content dilemma. Here are four reasons why using a nurse writer will benefit your business outcomes.

1. Background

Nurse writers have, in many cases, many years of demanding education. This training includes reading, understanding, and having the ability to explain medical research. Nurse writer’s education also includes writing at an academic level. Nurse writers can create content at all levels, whether you aim content at the public or other healthcare professionals.

2. Experience

The advantage of using nurse writers to create healthcare content is the wealth of experience they bring. There are many different types of nurses, offering a large pool of writers with varied backgrounds of experience. Nurse writers each have various niches in which they have strengths and passions. For example, a nurse writer passionate about diabetes is best suited to write an article on the latest diabetes technology options available.

3. Speed

Nurse writers can often create valuable content faster. They are trained in and have personal experience within various areas of healthcare organizations. They are aware of the struggles and needs of the patient and the healthcare system. Nurses with experience in labor and delivery easily pull from their experiences to write on topics of breastfeeding or signs of early labor. Valuable and engaging content comes from nurse writers’ first-hand experience

4. Location

Knowing where people find and consume healthcare content is a must. Nuse writers know where consumers are going to get their information. They are familiar with digital content and how to reach consumers where they are. Nurse writers know where the misinformation is and can easily target content to the desired audience.

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How Can Nurse Writers Help with Content Marketing Campaigns?

Content marketing campaigns aim to fill a gap or be the answer to a problem for the consumer. These campaigns often occur in healthcare to drive more people to get answers to questions or education on healthcare topics, increasing exposure to your business.

For example, nurse writers help with content marketing campaigns through blogs. Blogs are an easy and efficient way to educate and inform the public. Knowledge of SEO and keywords used in the blogs can strategically increase traffic to the healthcare system. Many large healthcare systems create multiple blog posts per day, all written by healthcare providers.  

Nurse writers can also create relevant content that drives engagement through social media. Short videos or clips on social media can educate, inform, or spotlight hot topics using hashtags and mentions. For example, a nurse writer may compile social media posts about heart-healthy meals or understanding cholesterol levels during national heart month in February. Also, using social media posts on the importance of vaccines can increase vaccination rates during back-to-school season in the fall. 

Though nurse writers use digital platforms often, they can target an audience that is not fully digital. Nurse writers can create articles for magazines and newsletters. Reaching patients where they are and anticipating their needs through evidence-based informational content can increase awareness of your business and branding. For example, having a newsletter or magazine available for patients to read in the waiting room highlighting Alzheimer’s disease and the availability of a new neurologist can increase the traffic into the healthcare system.

Handing off the writing work to a nurse writer will allow you the flexibility to focus on your many other business goals. Nurse writers create persuasive, engaging, and evidence-based content. The experience, passion, and analytic know-how in the ever-changing world of healthcare make nurse writers the best choice for your content needs. Now that you know the unique benefits of how nurse writers deliver content that drives reach and engagement, Write RN can provide the nurse writer database you seek.


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