Asus Flipbook – My Most Budget-Friendly Computer

business clarity workbook download   Asus Flipbook – My most budget friendly computer This post contains an affiliate link About four months ago my son and the dog were chasing each other in the living room. I got up to go to the kitchen when all of a sudden… The dog’s tail hit my glass […]

6 Awesome features of Google Keep

cover image google keep

What Is Google Keep? Google Keep is a Google product (free) that helps your stay organized, like a notepad. You can take notes, add photos, voice memos, and (my favorite) checklists into colorful post-it notes on your device. It is great for moms on the go like me for grocery lists, product lists, reminders, and […]

5 Reasons Why I love Google Drive

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free business clarity workbook download What is Google Drive? Google Drive is a platform that Google uses to store docs, forms, videos, photos, and files. You are able to access it with any device, from anywhere that has internet access. It is absolutely the answer to so many of my prayers! Oh, one of the […]