Social Media is Hard to Keep Up, What Can You Do?

social media is hard to keep up what can you do

We all struggle to keep up with social media and the changes that seem to happen overnight. I feel how frustrating and confusing it can be when you realize that there’s a new change and you may have to change your strategy.

Facebook Business Strategy: 5 Effective Ways for Promoting Your Business on Facebook

5 Guidelines for Promoting Your Business on Facebook

Promoting your business can be a problem if you don’t have a strategy to lead you there. This blog article will show you how to promote your business on Facebook in a non-pushy non-spammy way. Facebook wasn’t started on creating a social network for businesses. Over time though, businesses have found that Facebook is where […]

Grow Pinterest + Create your Pinterest Strategy In These 5 Easy Steps

Pinterest is way more than a place to find your favorite party recipe. It has grown to be one of the largest platforms people search for things on. An effective Pinterest strategy captures the attention of many marketers. Pinterest statistics show that “40% of active pinners have household incomes of over 100.000 Dollars. 50% of […]