5 Remarkable Things I Learned From Nursing That Will Help You Get a Writing Job

What I learned from nursing that will help you get a writing job

Did you know that you can take all of the nurses’ roles and put them toward getting a writing job and becoming a nurse writer? Nurses are the most trusted professionals. They serve as teachers, researchers, and systematic thinkers, bringing valuable insight to the profession and their patients. My name is Janine Kelbach, RNC-OB, and […]

Voxer App and 3 Easy Ways to Use it

Voxer is a free app I started using back 6 or 7 years ago. It started as a tool I used with my sister. We would never get ahold of one another, and I didn’t want to call when her twins were sleeping. So, we started using Voxer. Reasons I love it It’s a walkie […]

3 Dynamic Ways to Determine Your Freelance Writing Niche

A niche, however you pronounce it, is a specialization as much as you possibly can be specialized in your field of work. For example, in my field of nursing, I am not an RN, I am an RN who specializes with women and newborns in the birthing process. Niches exist in the freelance writing world […]

Find your WHY! 4 Essential Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Business

Do you aim to find your why? Let’s start with your last job working in the regular business world. All companies start with their mission statement when you start at the job. The mission statement has some key points, core values, and in other words, the company’s why. Now that you are starting your business, […]

Linkedin for Business – Critical Things You Need To Know

Is LinkedIn right for you and your business? When choosing social platforms for your business to focus on, many choose all of them. This usually leads to overwhelm and chaos. When choosing a social media platform for your business, you have to first look at your ideal client. Though, when choosing a social platform, you […]

7 Tips for Beginner Freelance Writers You Can’t Ignore

Do you aim to become a freelance writer? When starting this new journey, there are proven ways that beginner freelance writers can do. You can grow your business from $0 to six figures as fast or slow as you want. It sounds exciting, but you have to have a certain personality and certain characteristics to […]