Writing Workspace – 4 Steps to Create an Effective Home Office to Boost Your Freelancer Productivity

Working from home can sometimes be very distracting and cluttered writing workspace can make your work less productively. In a world of distractions, we add in laundry, dishes, housework, and no boss, it can send you down the “bright shiny object path.” This article will focus on how to set up your home office and writing workspace to make yourself work productively.

How to Start Creating an Effective Writing Workspace

Inspiration and “Do What Works”

How to Start Creating an Effective Writing Workspace

When I started as a freelance writer, I used the corner of my room as my designated work spot. It worked then because it was in school to advance my degree and it worked well for my little one who napped during the day. My other son was in school, and to be near my baby, I made my “office” my room. I caution you with this tip, don’t make your office too close to your sleeping area to distract you from getting too relaxed.

Tips: When setting up a workspace, try to find a place where you feel inspired. For me, it’s looking out a window, or sometimes sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee and a notebook. Either way, it has to be quiet because my thoughts are crazy at times 😉

Focus on Comfort

When setting up your writing workspace think of comfy, but not too comfy. If you have a nice space you can have a desk in, find a nice chair that you like, but avoid a really comfy piece of furniture that might instill a nap if you are working on a boring piece.

Create a list of home office items you (really) need. I love office supplies, but I can go overboard if I let myself, especially with the awesome designed things they have nowadays.

Ideas for Office Supplies for Freelance Writers

  1. Computer
  2. Whiteboard
  3. Keyboard
  4. Sticky notes
  5. Notebook
  6. Pens
  7.  Pencils
  8. Pencil sharpener
  9. Folders
  10. Chargers
  11. Essential oil diffuser

Additional Tips and Ideas for a Great Writing Workspace:

Office Makeover + Motivation

Workspace and Aromatherapy – The oils that start your day right

Working from Home vs Shared/Rented Work Space


Don’t make your writing workspace with dimmed lighting. You are going to have to see well for your mind to stay productive. The best source of light is natural light, but you if live in Ohio like me, the months of Dec-April aren’t the best for natural light. Desk lamps and floor lamps will help. Watch how bright your computer is, so it doesn’t reflect off your eyes (I just dimmed mine).

Avoid Clutter

I make a point on Fridays in my office to plan my next week and declutter. Throughout the week, things pile up. Sticky notes, printed papers, highlighted research, etc. If you keep your writing workspace well organized, you will feel more productive. Make labeled folders to help organize.

How do you stay organized in your business? Do you use tools or systems?

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