Creative Ways to Market your Business in 2020

It can be overwhelming if you market your business for any year without a strategy in place. As you see in my other blog posts, I always talk about having a plan. Without a strategic plan, your business cannot elevate. This article will give you a few tips for marketing success for 2020.

Optimize your Google Business Profile

In May 2017, Moz Survey, Google My Business was the largest driver for local SEO success.

If you are a medical practice and your patient searches “ob-gyn” your information will be pulled from Google My Business Listings.

How to optimize your Google Business Profile (according to Moz)optimize your google

  • Get Verified on Google – Do this by completing your profile with your business address
  • Include Photos – Start with your logo and a small profile photo
  • Add Proper Categories – If you use categories that don’t fit your practice, your ideal client will not be led to you.
  • Local area codes – Around me, 440 and 216 are very close to one another.
  • Set up ASAP – Once you are verified, your listing is live, so make sure you have it so your entire business shows up.

Social Strategysocial strategy image

Decide which, if any Social Media platform works for you.

The number one question to ask is, what is your patient’s age?

It’s the number one question to know if Social Media will work, then decide on a platform, based on the age of the ideal client.

This image will help you note the platforms that rank highest according to the person’s age. Take note that you would not use Snapchat if your ideal client is over the age of 25.

market your business social media platforms

Having a strategy in blogging and social media is incredibly important because you create a plan. Planning for your business will give you results.


For social media strategy:

  • – Know your goals, figure out guidelines
  • – Use a planner 
  • – Decide on content
  • – Take 10-20 minutes a week to decide on the plan for that week

Content Strategies

Having a blog strategy helps you market your business effectively. You can take blog posts and repurpose them into other pieces of content, utilizing them in your social media streams, video channels, and more.

Tips to market your business using content strategycontent strategy for your business

Blogging offer your audience free tips and information related to the service in your business. 

Video – Video or vlogging is growing every day. You can use vlogs on your blog, or Youtube. Create a series of videos around a topic to help gain traction and followers.

Using proven ways and strategies to market your business for 2019 will not only help you feel ahead of your year and feel completely organized. Life in the business world is extremely busy, and if you don’t keep up with competitors, you’ll get lost in the shuffle. Staying with mainstream media through a blog and social media platform will help your audience connect and engage with you.

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