Who is the Ideal Client for Your Healthcare Content and How to Determine It?

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Determining your ideal client for your healthcare content is a pillar to ensuring that you are targeting and attracting the right people to your healthcare business. Before you write a social media post or create  healthcare content, the first step to make these activities successful is to know your buyer persona.

Some of the fundamental questions to ask are:

  • WHO is your healthcare content for?
  • WHO needs the product/service that I am offering?
  • WHAT problem am I solving with these offerings?
  • WHO can benefit from what I offer?

One of the most common mistakes many healthcare  companies make is delivering general content without targeting a specific niche market. Just like choosing a specific field when you are getting a medical degree or focusing on a particular skill that you want to enhance, creating content or marketing strategy for your target niche market is also essential if you want your hard work to really pay off and achieve the results you’re aiming for. You cannot cure a disease if it’s out of your scope.  

Why Identify the Ideal Client for your Healthcare Content?

It saves your time, money, and energy

Try to market your healthcare products or services to everyone and you’ll see how costly it is to run and sustain a campaign. Knowing your target market can help you cut down costs of operations, time and energy spent for a particular program. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your marketing budget is well-spent, leading to a more effective marketing strategy.

You can create a better connection with your audience

More than 40% of healthcare consumers use social media to find relevant information about their health or to decide on their healthcare providers. Knowing where your target patients usually hang out on social media allows you to utilize the platform and create content that resonates with them. It helps you determine where your business should be present to engage with them.

You can utilize these channels to extend patient engagement and a better experience. This approach contributes to the reduction of unmet medical needs because they receive care in a timely manner. In addition, happy customers are likely to leave positive reviews about their experience with the healthcare company or send out referrals.

You can focus on innovating your products or services

Understanding your buyers’ behavior will give you an idea of how to improve your offerings and meet their needs. Because you know their pain points, challenges, and desires, you can continuously develop other means to resolve their problems which aids in patient satisfaction. It builds their trust and loyalty and at the same time, enables you to demonstrate being a thought leader in your field.

It aids in developing a better healthcare content strategy plan

You can’t just offer great healthcare content towards a food supplement, skincare treatment, diet pills, and other health products to everyone and expect all of them to purchase. Just imagine spending $100 for every buyer but only 1% of those people NEED your medical products that will encourage them to purchase.

That being said, knowing your ideal client will help you craft a content plan that is relevant to your buyer’s persona. Google is a fan of web pages that practice topical authority on specific topics. So, make sure that you create quality and theme-based content to help search engines recognize your site as an authoritative one. This approach will boost your SEO performance, turning web visitors into buyers.

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What Does the Ideal Client for Your Healthcare Content Look Like?

There is no one size fits all business strategy. Your healthcare marketing plan, therefore, should be aligned to your service offerings while putting a specific audience on top of your mind. For you to know what your ideal client for your healthcare content looks like, you have to determine their characteristics, demographics, and other relevant information such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status 
  • Location
  • Education level
  • Income level
  • Job title or occupation
  • Interests, hobbies, activities

Other important details centering around their behavior and personality that you also have to include to help you identify your ideal client are:

  • Their pain points
  • Their habits
  • Medical issues/needs
  • Things they are looking for when choosing a healthcare product

It is also crucial to find out where your audience mostly hangs out. It will help you determine the best places to reach out or engage with them. Conducting a monthly analysis will also allow you to analyze the best times they are usually active and what platforms you should be using to continue engaging with them. It is the best way to listen to them so you understand their problems or the pain points that you are trying to solve using your products and services.

  • Blogs or websites they visit
  • Social media platforms or groups where they are mostly present and active
  • Health and wellness programs that interest them
  • Influencers they follow

Now that you have narrowed down all of the information listed above, it is time for you to determine their relationship to your business. This corner will give you an idea of how your product or service offerings can be beneficial for your target consumers or patients.

  • Their pain points that your products/services can address
  • What features of your products will gain their interest?
  • Which part of your service resonates with their medical status?
  • What is the key that will make them purchase your offer?

Who is My Ideal Client and How to Determine It? A Resource for Healthcare Content

The buyer’s journey doesn’t stop there. Despite having the answers to the lists provided and finding the right audience, it is still important to continue the process. Once you have started everything out, published your healthcare content, or launched your campaign, doing a monthly analysis will help you figure out how far you have reached your ideal clients.

By being consistent in measuring your business performance using your content strategy as a tool, you will be able to improve the quality of your content. It can also help you maximize your Return On Investment (ROI) and develop more beneficial services to maintain patient loyalty and trust. The metrics will also tell you if you’re on the right track or you have to make some adjustments to your strategies until you meet your desired results.

From the list of questions and pointers we shared above, were you able to identify your ideal client for your healthcare content? Were you able to figure out what ideal client fits your offerings? Doing a bit of research would be helpful before starting out and spending your time and effort in creating awesome products or services. No matter how brilliant that idea is but if you are targeting the wrong people, any effort you put into your campaign could be wasted.

Are you looking for niche-specific marketing strategies that will help you turn your great ideas into reality? Or need someone who understands the best practices in writing healthcare content? Or you haven’t decided where to effectively invest your marketing budget to reach more patients for your healthcare business?

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Janine Kelbach RNC-OB

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