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This case study serves as a valuable resource for healthcare companies seeking to navigate the evolving landscape of healthcare content creation. Discover Write RN’s innovative content marketing remedies, inspired by real-world experiences, challenges, and achievements, and providing invaluable guidance for industry evolution.

MCN Healthcare


Improved Search Engine Visibility
Enhanced Content Quality
Increased Efficiency

Our Work

MCN Healthcare

Write RN brought MCN Healthcare’s blog articles to the number one search result on Google.




At WriteRN, we understand the importance of having a strong online presence in today's competitive digital landscape. When MCN Healthcare approached us with the challenge of boosting their blog's search ranking to number one, we knew exactly how to help.

The problem was clear: MCN Healthcare's in-house team was stretched thin, leaving little time to focus on creating high-quality blog content that would attract and engage their target audience. Additionally, they lacked a comprehensive strategy to optimize their content for search engines.


Our solution was to create a keyword-strategic, inbound blog strategy that leveraged the latest SEO best practices. We began by conducting extensive research into the keywords and topics that would resonate most with McN Healthcare's audience and then developed a content calendar that would ensure consistent publishing of two high-quality blog posts per month.

Our team of trusted outsourced writers then got to work crafting compelling, well-researched content that addressed the pain points and interests of McN Healthcare's target audience. We optimized each post with carefully selected keywords and meta descriptions to ensure maximum visibility on search engines.

Awesome Results

What Has Improved

Improved Search Engine Visibility

By implementing a keyword strategic, inbound blog strategy, McN Healthcare's blog was able to improve its search engine visibility and rank number one in search results. This resulted in increased organic traffic to the blog and helped McN Healthcare reach a wider audience.

Enhanced Content Quality

With the help of trusted nurse writers, McN Healthcare was able to produce high-quality blog content that resonated with their target audience. This helped them establish themselves as a thought leader in the healthcare industry and strengthened their brand image.

Increased Efficiency

By outsourcing their blog content creation to WriteRN, McN Healthcare was able to free up valuable time and resources for their in-house team. This allowed them to focus on other important tasks, such as delivering high-quality healthcare services to their clients.