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When looking through the Health Content Shop, you might have some questions about the content and how it can benefit your business.

This article will help you decipher the benefits of PLR content and how you can make it work best for you!

What is PLR Content?

PLR (Private Label Rights) content allows businesses to market their thought expertise, trustworthiness, and authority in their specific health space. All PLR content in our content shop is written by RNs and Nurse Practitioners with various specialties in their backgrounds. Within the shop, we offer a non-exclusive license which gives you, the writer, the right to edit and publish the content as your own. We also have the right to sell the content to other companies. You have probably heard of PLR content before, but if you haven’t, welcome! I’m about to open your eyes to a whole new world of content. You may have heard other terms for PLR content in the past. 

Some of those terms include:

  • White Labeled Content
  • Private Label Rights Content
  • Brandable or Re-brandable Content
  • Done-for-you Content
  • Ready-to-publish Content
  • Non-Exclusive Licensed Content

Businesses that Benefit Most from PLR 

Businesses that benefit most from PLR content are businesses that:

  • Have a smaller marketing budget
  • Are a local small business
  • Have lots of content they want to produce
  • Are looking to increase their traffic to their website
  • Want to expand their thought leadership in their particular industry
  • Trying to grow traffic to their website or social. media
  • Don’t have the time to create content
  • Don’t have time to hire on quality help for writing
  •  Want to conversions and leads
  • Boost their results on Google with content they can customize
  • Want to fuel marketing efforts

PLR Content Saves Your Business Money

If you have a small marketing business, PLR is an excellent solution for continuously publishing relevant content. When you buy PLR in our Content Shop, you receive the license to edit and make your material unique. The license makes the content cheaper than hiring content writers to create content uniquely for your site.

PLR Content Saves Your Business Time

Are you sick of trying to keep up with publishing blog posts every week? Buy PLR content can save you hours. A typical 1000-2000 word well-researched and a written blog post can take 4-6 hours. You can save 4-6 hours x 4 (if you’re posting weekly) by purchasing PLR for your site. You can edit the articles within minutes and publish them with uniqueness to your business.

Does PLR help me rank for SEO?

Google always wants original content. Let’s think for a minute, if that was 100% true, how would CNNThe Wallstreet Journal, or CNBC rank for all the same stories? The secret is to make it unique. When you purchase from the content shop, be sure you edit your pieces. Use your tone of voice, add anything you want to add to make it your own.

Make PLR Your Own

Companies that buy PLR usually make it their own by customizing. You can customize by changing the:

  • Title – Changing the title of the article can help you stand out from the crowd. When you buy content from the content shop, you automatically get 5 different titles to choose from for your site.
  • The Introduction – Inside each article, you will get an introduction. Within the introduction, reintroduce your company to your audience and explain why you’re the expert in that specific area to help your reader develop trust.
  • The Links – Inside each article, you can use intext links to your other blog articles, like this, to keep your reader on your blog.
  • Images – Using free stock photography, you can add images to your article to make it your own.
  • The Actual Content – With PLR, you can spin the article with whatever additions you want. If you see another references you want use within other studies you found, add them into the content. If you have your own expertise to also add, do that as well.

When you add your own twist to the article, you will start to create unique PLR, while still saving lot of money and time. 

Content Strategy with PLR

When choosing PLR for your business, you want to make sure you have a good strategy because unlike the older days, blog content isn’t always enough. That’s why, in the Health Content Shop, we offer 16+ Social Media Captions to go along with your blog posts. You want to make sure people see your content. Did you know that it can take up to 7 times for someone to see your brand for them to remember it? That’s why, even if you feel like you’re “annoying”, you’re usually not.
When coming up with a content plan, try to think about the theme for the month, or topic buckets you can work with. Always think about your audience and helping them with their most dyer questions. When we work with client in the Health Content Shop, we have topics for PLR articles that are derived from questions your audience is searching for on Google and what keywords are ranking well in your space. We don’t create content to only create content. We want the content to work for you.


Beyond the social media captions and blog posts, start thinking about building, growing, and nurturing your email list. To do this, you can start with email marketing and lead magnets. If you need help creating that, WriteRN can help you, just shoot us an email. Also, we can run social ads or Google ads to your audience to gather leads faster.

In order to make PLR work for you, you must customize it to be your own.

I hope this helps you understand PLR a little more – Ready to check out the shop?

About the Author

Janine Kelbach RNC-OB
Janine Kelbach RNC-OB

Janine is a Registered Nurse since 2006, specializing in labor and delivery. She still works at the bedside, as needed. She built Write RN back in 2015 when she started as a freelance writer.

Over the years, and many clients later, she studied marketing, grew her marketing skills, her portfolio (over 200+ pieces), and her business to the agency it is today.

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