How Do You Select the Right Writers for Your Digital Healthcare Marketing Agency?

Discover the unique benefits of hiring nurse writers for your digital healthcare marketing agency. With their medical expertise and empathetic communication skills, nurse writers enhance content clarity, boost reader engagement, and build trust by translating complex health information into accessible language. Ensure your content strategy meets the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

A typical exam in nursing school consists of a question with multiple possible answers. The trick is that each answer is correct, but you are asked which is most accurate. The same goes for hiring a suitable writer for your digital healthcare marketing agency. There are many correct options, but is this the most correct option? Nurse writers are crucial members of digital healthcare marketing teams, as they have the education and training to truly understand the material as well as the sensitivity and ability to deliver it.

Readers are hungry for accurate and authentic information, particularly since the era of misinformation during COVID-19 and considering that most communication is digital. Having the right nurse writer helps maintain communication with readers, engage them, and deliver essential information. Additionally, this writing expertise helps to develop trust with readers so they know the healthcare marketing coming from your business is accurate and reliable.

The Unique Value of Nurse Writers in a Digital Healthcare Marketing Agency

Nurse writers bring a specific value to your digital healthcare marketing agency. Nurses have the unique experience in nursing school of learning how to educate others. This skill improves article clarity and accessibility by translating complex medical jargon into language for the general public. Whether the topic concerns a disease process, specific testing, preventative care, or a procedure, nurses know how to think critically and make informed decisions.

In addition to experience and education, nurses are empathetic and sensitive to specific language and situations. Understanding the proper delivery regarding sensitive topics can make or break your digital healthcare marketing strategy. From their education, nurses learn to look at the evidence, not necessarily their own opinion. Nurses are also experienced in developing relationships with stakeholders (i.e., doctors, hospitals, patients, etc.), the backbone of digital healthcare marketing.

How to Identify the Right Nurse Writers for Your Agency

The best nurse writer for your digital healthcare marketing agency is one that aligns with your vision and can meet your goals. Look at the background of the project you are hiring for. Is it on a specific topic or a broad and varied topic? There is a benefit in hiring nurses who have experience or interest in a particular niche. Here are some suggestions on what to consider:

  • How long have they been a nurse?
  • Do they have any experience writing, even unpublished work (ask for examples)?
  • Are they proficient in Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, etc.?
  • How do they stay current on the latest medical research and trends?
  • Are they confident in managing multiple deadlines and with time management?
  • Are they familiar with search engine optimization (SEO)?

Asking for writing examples is crucial in seeing if a specific nurse writer fits you best. Many writers have unpublished content (e.g., LinkedIn articles), but most should have clips from a non-profit organization or previously paid clients. Make a note of the type of writing the nurse provides. Is it objective and rigid? Or friendly and professional? Another critical point is writing digital healthcare marketing for your intended demographic. Consider what your client is looking for and match that expectation with what the nurse writer can provide.

Adding Nurse Writers to Your Content Strategy

Onboarding a nurse writer is similar to any other writer regarding goal alignment and content strategy for your digital healthcare marketing agency. Adding a nurse writer to your content strategy creates a storytelling aspect of marketing, which has proven to increase engagement through improved trust and lasting relationships. Many patients identify themselves as their disease processes and thus have strong emotional ties to any changes in information related to their health. Nurses can provide a relatable voice in addition to learning what’s new about the keywords you want to optimize, analyzing the audience, developing the content, and creating call-to-action strategies.


What qualifications should I look for in a nurse writer?

For starters, what type of nurse are you looking for? While most nurses can write on numerous topics, you might want to hire a nurse writer with educational or clinical experience in a particular field. A nurse who has held multiple positions in different specialties or is interested in them would also be an asset to your digital healthcare marketing agency.

How do nurse writers contribute differently than general healthcare writers?

While general healthcare writers are competent in their field, nurses provide a huge competitive advantage. Their clinical and educational experience coins them as subject matter experts, and having a subject matter expert will increase your engagement, improve your Google rankings, and bring your call to action to life.

What are the benefits of having nurse writers regarding audience trust and engagement?

For the 22nd year in a row, nursing has been voted the most trusted profession. This statistic proves that the audience will trust the voice of the content provided. Nurse writers also have the unique balance to blend science and SEO strategies best to maximize engagement for your digital healthcare marketing agency.

How can nurse writers adapt to the evolving trends in digital healthcare marketing?

Adapting to a digital future is non-negotiable in healthcare marketing. The rapid growth and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and the looming presence of social media have forced healthcare professionals to embrace technology. Keeping up with updates in the nursing informatics realm and major breakthroughs in science can help nurse writers stay up to speed. This research and knowledge of social media trends allow nurse writers to provide the most current information.

What are the best practices for managing a team of diverse healthcare writers?

Communication, communication, communication. Creating a culture of communication helps your writers feel supported and appreciated, and thus, they can perform better at their jobs. Set clear and consistent expectations and provide ample training and coaching. Developing a successful digital healthcare marketing strategy starts with successful writers who are comfortable seeking improvement, receiving feedback, and who want to create work they are proud of. Nurse writers can do this for you.

To benefit from their expertise and perspective, you can involve nurse writers when creating digital healthcare marketing strategies. This strategy becomes even more crucial when nurses’ reliability and trustworthiness translate into information that can educate and support readers effectively. Nurse writers bring valuable skills that can inform, inspire, and have a meaningful impact on the audience. By hiring a nurse, your digital healthcare marketing can benefit from their compassionate and knowledgeable touch, making a significant difference in its effectiveness. It’s worth considering employing a nurse writer to ensure your healthcare content is created correctly the first time. 

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Alyssa Rojo, MSN, RN
Alyssa Rojo, MSN, RN

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