Let's Get Your Health and Wellness Business Noticed

Are you wondering how to get more patients into your business?

Let's start with...

Your ideal patient is searching “{Your specific industry} near me.”

This package is for you if you need to get noticed by your patients.

Truth bomb: It takes 7-10 times for a patient to see a company before they commit to it.

We will help you attract patients with your online presence

This is where many health and wellness companies need help. We can’t expect you to be everywhere all the time.

As someone who has worked in healthcare for almost two decades I can tell you two things:

  1. Patients listen to what other patients say
  2. Patients are referred by the internet
writing is taking too much of your time

What our clients say...

3 Steps to Easily Work With Us

Step 1

Fill out the form to help me understand your business.

Step 2

Schedule time to meet with me. We’ll see how I can meet you where you are in business and elevate it to better visibility and revenue.

Step 3

We will put together a plan to achieve your specific marketing goals.

Let's Work Together

When we work together we will set up a:

Huh? What’s that? A website that converts is a website that helps direct your potential customer to book a service with you.

We have to give patients real information that’s backed up by science (That’s our jam as nurses).

We will decipher where your patients are coming from and help you establish your company on that social platform (with beautiful graphics and captions ofcourse)

This service is something that helps you get those patients in the door the quickest. I call it our Quick Win strategy. The other strategies will work overtime, but this, when set up will help you become noticed faster because patients are rating your service quicker.

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