5 Reasons Nurses Make the Best Academic Nurse Writers

5 Reasons Nurse Writers Make the Best Academic Writers

Nurses are renowned as the most trusted health professionals. Hiring nurses as academic writers is an influential strategy to shine online as a healthcare company.

Academic Nurse Writers Needed Online

Did you know that patients trust the internet over doctors? A whopping 62% of American patients do not feel confident in their understanding of health information from their doctors. Patients are turning to the internet to navigate complex health issues. WriteRN began because we wanted to help patients navigate correct health information across the web.

Nurse writers curate your company’s health content online and build trust with your audience. Nurses are research-oriented professionals who solve problems and investigate effective solutions.

5 Ways Academic Nurse Writers Make Your Company Stand Out

Do academic nurse writers create content healthcare companies want?

Healthcare companies want to speak to their target audience, delineate a clear message, and make the most of their content. Nurses provide accurate health information that is easily understood by healthcare providers and the public. Similar to B2B and B2C marketing, nurses are skilled at communicating with both physicians and patients.

Over 90% of Americans find answers to medical questions and search health information online. As academic writers, nurses are both inclusive and self-aware. Make your company stand out with nurse writers, who know humans and health content better than anyone.

1. Medical Fluency

Nurses translate medical jargon into plain language every day. They are highly trained and knowledgeable when it comes to the nitty-gritty of medical procedures. As academic writers, nurses’ medical fluency enhances communication and connection with your audience.

Academic nurse writers stand out at healthcare content marketing compared to non-nurse freelancers, and are easier to work with! You won’t have to explain medical terms to nurses. They are already familiar, or know the best sources to reference.

2. Save Time for Better Care

Nurses are faster at creating accurate and valuable content for your healthcare company. Academic nurse writers know how to navigate the ins and outs of countless health scenarios.

More time leads to better care. And in 2021, a digitalized experience is desired by 51% of patients. Spend more time on patients for better outcomes and ratings to succeed in today’s online health market.

3. Connect and Diversify

Every minute, there are 70, 000 healthcare searches conducted. You want your health content to be helpful and reliable to optimize its value for your audience.

Academic nurse writers see the whole picture, and have worked with people from many walks of life. Nurses naturally educate, inform, and connect businesses and consumers to health content. 

Diversify your content with a nurse writer’s expertise and attract a wider audience for your company’s success.

Nurse Academic Writers Needed Online

4. Accuracy and Precision Builds Trust

Nurses’ knowledge of health care terminology is more practical than any other kind of academic writer. It’s essential for health care companies to communicate effectively online, so that their consumers trust them. Nurses will deliver sufficient information to establish, and keep, that trust.

Think about your audience and consumers. Do they want articles from someone who has never stepped foot inside a hospital? It’s invaluable for health content to come from a voice well-versed in the healthcare industry.

Nurses are research-oriented professionals who solve problems and investigate effective solutions. When we don’t know, we use evidence based and credible research. It’s our favorite. Even when we do know the answers, we always double check our work.

5. Problem? Solved!

Nurses are the world’s problem solvers. Nurses take action to find an effective solution quickly. We do it at the bedside every day. We have to come up with creative solutions for patients because no patient is the same. Then, we reassess to make sure the solution is still applicable to the situation.

This applies to website information or inactive links when it comes to your health company’s marketing. Don’t be one of the 48% of healthcare facilities that have errors with their website addresses.

By hiring a nurse writer, you solve your own problem. That’s because nurses are always thinking of a better, more viable solution. And then they implement it with real-world resources.

Content Marketing Strategies

When it comes to content marketing, there are many strategies to boost your company’s visibility. SEO, email marketing, and social media are three powerful tools.

One out of every twenty searches are health related. Nurses are familiar with current health trends. Getting key health terms on google SEO is easy when academic nurse writers are on your team. 

When it comes to email marketing, 60% of people prefer promotional information via email. Nurses educate patients every day in the hospital, where patients rely on their expertise. Make sure your consumers receive the same expertise online.

Social media platform tone is important. Nurses’ possess an ability to connect with a large variety of audiences, and adjust to different tones for different social media platforms. Think Facebook posts versus LinkedIn posts. An appropriate tone will build credibility with your clients.

The Bottom Line

People know that nurses care, and that they strive to provide the best health content available. Hire a nurse writer as an academic writer for high-quality, google-friendly content with the fastest turnaround. 

Collaborate with someone who knows the ins and outs of health care best. Hire a nurse writer as an academic writer to add value to your content that consumers trust.


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