How to Use Social Media to Create a Consistent Healthcare Brand Voice

How to Use Social Media to Create a Consistent Healthcare Brand Voice

Creating a consistent healthcare brand voice allows your business to communicate your mission and core values while establishing trust and authority in your area of expertise. Likewise, using social media for brand voice recognition gives your company access to a large audience in an instant while establishing a distinctive brand voice. To cultivate brand loyalty, you can customize your strategy by prioritizing meaningful connections and authentic conversations while building community using various mediums. 

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using social media to amplify your healthcare brand voice, enhance your visibility, and create an effective social media strategy that incorporates the care and connection your clients deserve.

Brand Voice vs. Tone

Brand voice is a way to communicate your company’s goals, values, and mission by featuring easily identifiable characteristics, a recognizable persona, and a distinct communication style.

Brand tone is the feeling or attitude you want to convey while sharing your message. The tone changes depending on your audience. For example, when announcing a new service or product your company is offering on Linkedin, you would have a professional tone versus a more creative or playful tone on Tiktok.

Find your unique voice by exploring the adjectives you’d use to describe your brand—modern, bold, or formal. Or try Portent’s Brand Voice Generator to get the ball rolling.

Key Benefits of Using Social Media to Promote Your Brand Voice

Social media provides dynamic and diverse ways to build community and amplify your voice. This platform increases your reach while still connecting in a more casual, conversational, and authentic way. Social media offers many ways to provide ongoing patient education and up-to-date information while encouraging engagement and offering support.

Social media levels the playing field. Whether your audience loves to engage with your content or simply likes, listens, and learns, your clients are still gaining value and building a connection with your brand. 

In addition, social media provides a platform for you to use your creativity to engage, motivate, educate, and inspire while maintaining a consistent and cohesive brand voice. The integrity of your interactions and the quality of your conversations speak volumes about your values, and research shows that the authenticity and transparency of core values prove to be what makes consumers become avid followers and loyal customers.

How to Ensure That Your Healthcare Brand’s Social Media Presence Is Consistent Across All Platforms

To ensure consistency across all platforms, create a simple go-to instruction manual documenting your brand voice and social media strategy to share with your management team.

A brand voice document includes your company’s mission statement, core values, defining personality traits, and common vocabulary or phrases your brand uses. It must articulate your desired tone for different platforms, posts, announcements, newsletters, advertisements, or internal communication.

A clear social strategy lets all team members know what format to use on specific platforms and when to post, keeping your online presence predictable and cohesive.

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5 Strategies to Increase Your Healthcare Brand’s Visibility on Social Media

Let’s break down five simple strategies to increase your brand’s visibility on social media.

1. Maintain Consistency

Maximize your impact by understanding your target audience, choosing an optimal time, and scheduling your content to create a consistent and predictable presence

  • Post weekly self-care tips on Facebook with Wellness Wednesdays.
  • Deliver a monthly newsletter on the first of every month.
  • Schedule blog posts every Friday at 9 am.  
  • Offer a live Q&A every other Tuesday at 2 pm.

2. Keep it Current

Become an invaluable resource to your patients by providing up-to-date and ongoing patient education and care.

  • Feature one of your industry’s FAQs and host a Facebook Live Q&A on the “5 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally”. Patients can listen in and ask clarifying questions in real-time. 
  • Announce current events or innovative treatments that are relevant to your field. 
  • Feature experts who’ve made recent advances in treatment protocols.

3. Encourage Engagement 

Engagement supports community, connection, understanding, and trust. Encouraging meaningful conversations amplifies your voice and what’s essential and relevant to your community. Your visibility and authority climb the more likes, shares, engagement, and conversation your content generates.

  • Notice the recurrent themes or concerns that keep popping up in your communities, and follow up with an infographic, tutorial, inspirational video, or meme to spark conversation. 
  • Post a funny or inspirational GIF, elicit an emotion, share a bit of your personality, or tap into the reality only you and your patients can relate to. 
  • Create a five-day movement or motivation challenge to accommodate a specific diagnosis (e.g., Chair Yoga for Parkinson’s), including five educational and motivational videos or emails. Offer daily community check-ins on Facebook to update the group on the progress and celebrate wins.
  • Create a Facebook group for patients with similar diagnoses to build community and share stories or solutions for coping with the day-to-day reality of their conditions.

4. Mix It Up 

Repurpose content to feature it in different ways. Visibility increases with volume.

  • Pull the most valuable and actionable content from your latest podcast and turn it into a blog post. 
  • Post an Instagram reel of patient takeaways immediately after a recent diabetes webinar. 
  • Convert the content on an infographic into a creative video using music or dance on Tik Tok. 
  • Entertain as you educate; for example, create a video for your cardiac client on preparing a delicious low-sodium dinner.

5. Be a Part of the Hype

Celebrate other healthcare businesses that support your industry, your employees, or key members in your online community as a way to build meaningful connections.

  • Invite the company that launched an innovative product revolutionizing how your client manages their disease onto your podcast.
  • Celebrate the recent successful launch of a new community health initiative by individually highlighting your staff’s or community members’ contributions. 
  • Use hashtags to connect with those that resonate with your shared message and have similar interests (e.g., #parkinsonsexercise, #hearthealth, #diabetes).

Social media offers endless innovative opportunities to bring attention to your healthcare brand and allow your company’s personality to shine. Are you ready to finally hone your brand voice and build an effective strategy to increase your visibility? Get in touch with the WriteRN team today!


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