Should I run Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

google ads vs facebook ads

Choosing between Google Ads and Facebook Ads is a struggle for many business owners. Choosing between the two platforms depends on several factors that are suited for your business. Here I’ll be discussing where you should spend your media advertising budget. Let’s dive in! The truth is, there’s no “better” platform. Several factors weigh in […]

2021 Healthcare Trends That Will Shape Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

2021 healthcare marketing trends that will shape your social media strategy

Healthcare trends serve as a prediction for the healthcare industry, indicating where it is headed, and highlighting the focus for your content. These trends also help industry leaders get a greater intuition of patient needs and how they can modernize their business models and social media marketing strategies to meet them.

Facebook Business Strategy: 5 Effective Ways for Promoting Your Business on Facebook

5 Guidelines for Promoting Your Business on Facebook

Promoting your business can be a problem if you don’t have a strategy to lead you there. This blog article will show you how to promote your business on Facebook in a non-pushy non-spammy way. Create a Business Page Facebook wasn’t started on creating a social network for businesses. Over time though, businesses have found […]