Why every business needs a landing page

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In the world of marketing, a landing page is essential. A landing page is a standalone web page solely created for an advertising campaign. It is where the visitors or potential customers land after clicking the link they received from an email or ads posted on social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter.

Its main goal is to convert visitors into customers.

Your customers. Your patients.

It’s important to have one landing page and to optimize that one to fit the specific conversion. It means you have to ensure that it meets the perfect criteria to do so, such as providing a clear and concise call to action, or CTA, giving out great offers, and more. It depends on what your goals are and what your website is designed for on what your landing page has to say.

Now, the question is,

What are the criteria for an optimized site that is designed for conversion, and how can you achieve them on your site?

Six Ways to Achieve a Well-optimized Landing Page

1. Analyze Your Business Website

You first need to analyze your business website and identify the things that must be changed. You can conduct an audit so that you can sum up the overall website performance. At the same time, your SEO will work to analyze the whole performance of the website and every factor within it such as its contents, navigation, etc.

You can also look at your competitor’s landing page, their methods, and their features in their landing pages. In this way, you can form your own strategy on how you’re going to execute your own optimization plan.

2. Provide Optimal User Experience

Make the necessary upgrades for your site. This will create a lasting impression for users to visit your website. Your purpose should be to entice your visitors to come back and take action such as contacting you or filling out your booking form that will connect your business to them virtually. It is a funnel that encourages action. You have to make sure that your landing page is mobile-friendly since many searches are conducted through smartphones, whereas, 68% of these queries are health-related.

It is also essential to make sure that your landing page loads within 2 seconds when the visitor tries to open it. Once they’re on it, take that opportunity to capture their attention and make them stay using the message that you are trying to convey.

3. Perform Keyword Research

People use keywords or keyword phrases to search for any information, products, and services on Google and other search engine software. Conducting a keyword search with the help of tools like UbbersuggestWordstream, and Moz will determine what kind of keywords you should use to reach your target audience. Google Keyword Planner is also a perfect platform if you want to find out not only the relevant keywords for your healthcare business but also your budget if you want to use paid advertising for your campaign.

4. Implement Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can help you build your relationship with your audiences. It increases the quantity and the quality of traffic to your website through an organic search engine result. This will help increase your visibility online, allowing you to rank higher on the first pages of the search engine. Statistics done by Backlinko showed that the first result on Google gained 31.7% clicks while sites that show up on the second page received 0.78% clicks. That said, SEO helps in boosting your brand presence, giving you the chance to convert qualified prospects into customers.

5. Create Quality Engaging Content

Your content is important. Great content and a good link is the foundation of your position in search engine results. You have to make sure that you have a strong SEO-driven content marketing strategy.

Since people visit your website to learn more information about their health. You have to make sure that you are producing research-driven content backed by science. The more reputable posts you can make, the more likely the other sites will be linked to yours.
It can be intimidating but it is worth it. Creating a content calendar along with the related keywords that you should use will help you plan ahead what to post.

6. Analyze your Site Data

You should analyze your site data. A single click may not be that much of an effect but when you finally gather some data, you will realize that it will show a pattern. This will give you evidence if your CTA is being visited or not and if you need to re-strategize or not. You can do this by adding Google Analytics to your site.

office table top with tablet, smartphone, and laptop showing a landing page for web design service

Another question that you might be thinking right now is:

How to make a call-to-action that is clear enough that your customers will click on it?
The simple answer to that is to compel them into clicking the link to your webpage. But, how are you going to do that?

Well, first, you have to make sure that you use POWER WORDS.

Writing a short call-to-action is not only necessary but it will be used to persuade as well. We often see the words “Buy Now,” “Click More,” “See More,” “Get Started,” “Sign Up Now!”, and “Check It Out” whenever you come across an ad or when you’re browsing your social media feed to encourage people to take action.

We don’t discourage you not using these commanding words but we suggest using a more engaging and creative CTA so we don’t annoy people while going through your landing page.

Other alternative CTAs to use are:

  • You deserve a treat! Enter the code “PROMOCODE” for 10% off your first consultation.
  • Start your fitness journey with us!
  • Buy now and get 70% off your first order!
  • The first 50 to buy gets a 50% discount, hurry up!
  • Lose weight in ONE WEEK!


If you want to provoke emotions from your prospective customers, you have to evoke an emotional response from them. You need to put on a more modified CTA to get the effect that you desire.

Here is a list of examples for that.

  • Sharing is caring! Help us spread the word by sharing this community event with someone you know who needs a kidney donor.
  • Prepare to glow! We got your first skincare appointment for free!
  • Want to make a difference? Join hundreds of organ donors today.

The last one is, BE ORIGINAL.

You don’t have to use the examples given above, best case scenario is that people are already tired of reading it all the time from different pages as well. You have to think of your own brand of CTA. Verbalize what your company can offer to the customer, add relevant information, and provoke emotion and you’ll get your very own CTA.

There are so many examples of a successful call to action used by pages after pages on Facebook and Instagram especially in the year 2021.

A few of these pages are:

  • ClickUp – Join 200,000+ highly productive teams.
  • Shaw Academy – Online certified courses with in-depth and practical lessons in over 100 subjects. Sign up for free, and reveal the MORE in you!
  • Babbel – Download the app today and start learning a language for your everyday life.
  • Doctor On Demand – Skip the commute, the wait, and the crinkly paper gowns. See a board-certified provider anytime without ever leaving your house or your pajamas.
  • Verywell Health – Try Our Healthy Conversation Coach. Learn to navigate these difficult topics with your loved ones.

And many, many more.

So, with these pieces of information, what are the things you can do for designing a successful landing page?

  1. Provide discreet content – Your content must be straight to the point, highlight why you are unique, and why your prospective customer should be visiting your page and no one else.
  2. Make your layout simple and easy – A good landing page should be minimalist. It means it’s easy to understand and navigate but at the same time, it should be aesthetically pleasing, showcasing the main personality of the business as well.
  3. Provide enticing images – Use photos to enhance your visitors’ engagement and understanding of what you are trying to present. Visual aids can convey more information than the content itself since it’s the first thing that potential customers will look at.
  4. Identity – You have to make a trustworthy identity. An identity that they can trust, that they know they won’t get scammed. It is, therefore, crucial for healthcare companies to collect reviews from their clients that they highlight on their landing pages.
  5. Encourage sharing – Sharing is one of the best ways to spread the content of your brand. The campaigns, content, and everything should be one click away from getting shared from one person to another. This is where the invaluable benefit of social media comes in! It helps in making people aware of your business and drives traffic to your webpage.

What are some tips for Landing Page Optimization?

Here are seven tips for Optimizing your Landing Page.

  1. Make your offer clear – make an optimization strategy that will make your customer feel smart, inspired, and appreciated as well excited. Make them feel like they are making the right choice by visiting your page.
  2. Create a Minimalist page – Make your page simple and easy to understand just as I have stated above. Get rid of the visual clutter and let it be easy to navigate.
  3. Appealing Aesthetic – make your page appealing to the eyes and clear. Everything should be headlined or subtle the way you wanted it to be. If possible, use white or pastel colors as the page background while still keeping your brand theme in mind.
  4. Make priorities first – All the important stuff should be at the top of the page first such as “what you do or offer,” running promotions, client reviews, and a contact form.
  5. Use a Scarcity Technique – Scarcity makes your page visitors act now and buy your products or they might miss out on the opportunity. Use that to your advantage.
  6. Include a Call to action – Make your call to action straightforward. It should be clear and concise and obvious.
  7. Include Contact Information – Add your contact information so the customers will know where they can contact you if they have questions about your business or your products.

A landing page is an important factor when it comes to marketing. So, with the tips given, I hope you’ll be able to make your landing page enticing and effective. If you need help implementing these steps or more guidance in creating one, our team at Write RN has your back! We’d love to hear more about your healthcare practice and other service offerings. But first, fill out this form so we can get things ready on our discovery call!

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Janine Kelbach RNC-OB

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