8 Ways to Stop Bad Reviews on My Healthcare Website

how to stop bad reviews on your healthcare website

Every website experiences bad reviews at some point. As you know, they can affect your site or your practice’s reputation. Patients who leave poor reviews can affect the next person that would book an appointment. How exactly can you stop bad reviews on your healthcare website? 

Negative reviews can tarnish years of hard work and your business’s reputation and overshadow the positive impressions. The vast majority of online reviews are positive. It contributes to an enviable record. 

Your business’s reviews online guide potential patients in making a purchase decision. Positive reviews can influence others to try out the services, while negative reviews can direct your patients to your competitors.

How to Stop Bad Reviews Online

Here are some ways for you to stop bad online reviews:

1. Be proactive

Have an active system that claims all listings and monitors all the entries. Consistently delivering an excellent patient experience is a way to stop bad reviews. But it is one, approach it objectively and find out the cause. It may be a hint that there’s something that needs change and you must take action on it immediately. 

2. Address the issue; never be silent to stop bad reviews.

Be vocal and say something about it while keeping it positive. Not responding to it may seem that you are ignoring the problem. Address it with a caring note and provide action. 

3. Apologize and embrace the issue.

Don’t shy away from the negative response. Allow your patients to tell their story and acknowledge it. Let your customers be heard.

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4. Recommend positive solutions.

The customer may not be right all the time. So, offer multiple suggestions to resolve his concerns. It would soothe things out.

5. Be careful of what you say and how you’ll say it.

Watch out for how you are going to comment. You don’t want to gas-light the situation. If you are looking for another effective way to stop bad reviews, state the facts without having to point the finger at them. 

7. Watch out for trolls and fake reviews

Although it’s very rare in healthcare, if you ever encounter one, don’t engage with it. These trolls would want to pick a fight instead of solving the problem. 

8. Encourage patients to leave feedback. 

Sometimes others don’t leave reviews because they weren’t asked to do so. Help them by giving instructions on how they could leave their feedback on your site.

Negative reviews can tarnish what you have worked for. Following these steps can turn those negative ones into positive ones. Those reviews are also a huge help in improving your customer experience. 

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Janine Kelbach RNC-OB
Janine Kelbach RNC-OB

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