What’s the Difference Between Google Ads and Facebook Ads?

Google Ads or Facebook Ads, what are the main differences

Google Ads or Facebook Ads, what are the main differences?

These two platforms are the leading advertising platforms in the world. Both are used by many and are the go-to platforms for digital advertising. Here’s what you need to know about these two platforms.

Both of these platforms reach billions of people. They are both different in many aspects.

Google Ads

Difference Between Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Google is intent-based, while Facebook is not.

In Google ads, the user searches with keywords for what they are specifically looking for. The searches made are specific and have a direct intent. For example, if they are looking for “the best acupuncture center in Arizona.” The user knows what they want and want to find it. Meanwhile, Facebook doesn’t have a specific search intent like Google Ads. Users usually use the site as a way to connect with their family and friends, and look up pictures and videos. Because of this, your ad won’t convert as compared to Google Ads. Facebook will show your ad to those who fit specific audiences you set up, but your ad can’t be “found” like it can on Google.

Google Ads gives more conversions than Facebook.

People go to Google to specifically search for things that they are intended to search, so that means that there are more conversions. It is a great platform to reach the right people at the right time.

Google Ads give your precision targeting. 

Google ads platform provides you the exact or precise targeting whenever you can market your products and services to an audience. You can reach any consumer regardless of interest with precision.

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Facebook Ads

What's the Difference Between Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Facebook as a broader audience.

If you are looking for a wider scope or a larger audience, that is where Facebook comes into play. The main difference between Facebook and Google Ads is that the audience is segmented, like beauty, people who are into fitness, and healthcare. With Facebook, you can create ads that will drive your audience to a landing page and would essentially convert those ads that you made.

A way for you to convert your audience from Facebook is to educate them about your business or the products you are trying to sell. Examples are blog posts that detail your business, like some sample videos like TedTalk that would convert your audiences into customers. Oftentimes, digital downloads work well like a free checklist or EBook to let them become aware of what you do or provide. For healthcare services, think of your most valued service and market from that angle.

Facebook ads are flexible in placements

You can place your ads in different places with Facebook Ads. You can place them in stories, newsfeeds, messenger like what you would do with email marketing, and so on. There are tons of places where you could display your advertisements, one of which is Instagram. 

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Facebook Ads are the quickest to launch. 

Facebook ads are the quickest to implement your ads. You can create both a personal and a business account quickly compared to Google Ads. Google Ads tend to take a little bit longer. Another thing is that Facebook ads implement the ‘call only ads’ where you can launch an ad that will direct your audience to you over the phone. Google has now released this option as well.

If you are conflicted in choosing between these two advertising platforms, you need to consider some factors playing out for your business. Both are great for any business. You can use both if you want to max out the results. It just boils down to how much you are willing to spend, your goals in investing in an advertisement, and which is much more efficient for your business. It’s up to you where you want to make a bang for your buck. 

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