Grow Pinterest + Create your Pinterest Strategy In These 5 Easy Steps

Pinterest is way more than a place to find your favorite party recipe. It has grown to be one of the largest platforms people search for things on. An effective Pinterest strategy captures the attention of many marketers.

Pinterest statistics show that “40% of active pinners have household incomes of over 100.000 Dollars. 50% of them have bought something after seeing a promoted pin, and 90% of active Pinners use Pinterest to make buying decisions.”

Follow these steps to creating a Pinterest Strategy you can utilize to create more traffic and generate leads for your business.

Step One – Change your Pinterest personal account to a business account.

I know you like your favorite Pinterest dinner recipe, but step back and know this is a business you are running and your favorite party recipe may not be relevant. Start creating a board that matches your niche, but keep your recipe board hidden, in case you need to find it when you are making dinner. 

Step Two – Create Quality Content

Create content speaking directly to your audience. Without great content on your Pinterest strategy, you will not have any clicks, even with a good strategy. When you blog, put those ideas into informational steps for people to follow.

Step 3 – Create Pins

When you “create a pin”, you have to focus on the image (make sure it’s the right size – 600x900px) and craft great descriptions. You can use Canva to create images. Use the image to draw in the reader and the keywords in the description so your pin comes up in the search.

Another tip is to utilize in your Pinterest strategy is hashtags. They are relevant to this platform. Check out the blog I wrote all about hashtags here.

When you start to figure out keywords, go into the Pinterest search bar, and start typing your main keyword to see what shows up. This Pinterest strategy may be trial and error to see what exactly works but play with it.

Try to create 3 new pins every week.

Step 4 – Schedule

Sign up for Tailwind to schedule your pins. Trust me, you will save yourself a LOT of time using this platform. You can EASILY have a month of content scheduled to pin in one hour. Your Pinterest strategy made SO easy! You can sign up for a free trial to play around, but trust me, for someone who tries to avoid the “shiny object syndrome” at all costs, this will help you gain followers and traffic in no time.

Step 5 – Join Groups

Join some Pinterest Groups. Pingroupie.com has the largest list of group boards to be a part of, but be mindful of how much you are posting (keep reading for details on that).

Pinterest in scrabble words

When to Pin

Tailwind has something called the Smart Scheduler that you can pop all your pins into and have it circulate to different group boards.

How many Pins

You want to schedule around 50 pins/day, but not of your own content. Use content from others in your niche, or you will look like a spammer. Follow the 70/30 rule where you schedule 70% your pins and 30% others. If you can’t commit to 50/day (because you aren’t using Tailwind), challenge yourself to 20/day at first to stay consistent. You don’t want to do 4 one day and 50 the next.

Where to Pin

When you pin, you want to focus 5-15 on your own boards. You can start them in your boards to keep the great descriptions etc, and then move them around to group boards.

How to start your Pinterest Strategy!

Day 1: Create an amazing blog post → create a Pinterest image for it in Canva → Post to your relevant board with a well-written description and utilize your keywords → spread it to other relevant boards on your business Pinterest page

Day 2: Post it to your “Best of….” board and start scheduling it into your Tailwind scheduler.


You got this! Are you ready to try an amazing Pinterest strategy to grow your brand?

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