7 Top Blogging Tools Every Healthcare Business Needs to Use

7 Top Blogging Tools Every Business Needs to Use

Over the years, I have tried countless tools to help with writing articles for my content writing clients. I have learned that no matter what blogging tools I use, consistency and great ideas for content are the keys to success with blogging for business.

That being said, I made a list of a variety of tools I use to help with my blogging efforts.

Highly-recommended Blogging Tools

writing tools

Writing + Project Management tools


Grammarly is one of the most helpful blogging tools I use. It has a browser extension attached to Chrome that will proofread all your writing, from a blog post to an email, and I even used it when I was writing research papers in school. It proofreads for spelling, punctuation, style, and grammar.

Aside from other best blogging tools, I use this app frequently for all of my client’s work before I send it over to them. Make sure you get the Pro Edition, though because it will help you get all the mistakes you possibly made in a post.


ClickUp is my favorite project management tool I have ever used. It lets me categorize my clients, as well as processes/docs/videos etc. Anything you need for project management, Clickup’s got it.

Visual/Graphic Design Tools

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Canva is one of the most popular and free blogging tools you can use that has many options to make you look like a graphic designer. You can create blog post images that go directly onto every social media platform because it’s designed to make templates that fit that specific social media platform. It’s nice when you need a quick image and you don’t have the time to put into using all your creative skills.


Pixabay is a stock image platform that I use for most of my blog posts. It’s free so that’s mostly why I like it. I’ve tried a bunch of different stock image websites fo my work, but I seem to like this one the most.

Social Media/Promotion Tools

social media promotion tools


Buffer is a great tool for publishing social media content. Buffer saves me from logging into all my social media accounts to post the same thing. This gives you an automation option as well so you can post even when you’re not at the computer. It saves you a ton of time and keeps you organized for at least a week in your social media strategy.


Tailwind is another platform I like for Pinterest. I use this for all my Pinterest posts and I also use it to utilize my Pinterest Group Boards. I can usually plan a month of content pending across all my boards in a matter of an hour. Try it free for one month by using my link: Free Tailwind Trial.

Automation Tools

automation for your blog


Flodesk is the tool I use for my email list. I like it because of the landing pages that you can use with it as well as the onboarding customer support I was able to get when I first joined it. It makes everything look nice and sleek.

I hope you liked my small round-up of blogging tools I use for my business every day.

What are some tools you use in your blog? Here are more recommendations for you. Have fun exploring each of these tools!

I use some plugins on WordPress that I also like the back and be for a different post.

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Janine Kelbach RNC-OB
Janine Kelbach RNC-OB

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Over the years, and many clients later, she studied marketing, grew her marketing skills, her portfolio (over 200+ pieces), and her business to the agency it is today.

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