Should I run Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

google ads vs facebook ads

Choosing between Google Ads and Facebook Ads is a struggle for many business owners. Choosing between the two platforms depends on several factors that are suited for your business. Here I’ll be discussing where you should spend your media advertising budget. Let’s dive in! The truth is, there’s no “better” platform. Several factors weigh in […]

8 Ways to Stop Bad Reviews on My Healthcare Website

how to stop bad reviews on your healthcare website

Every website experiences bad reviews at some point. As you know, they can affect your site or your practice’s reputation. Patients who leave poor reviews can affect the next person that would book an appointment. How exactly can you stop bad reviews on your healthcare website?

6 SEO Basics for Local Health Businesses

SEO Basics for Local Health Businesses

Have you heard about SEO a lot of times but you’re not sure how it works and how your health business can benefit from it? Let me share 6 SEO basics for your local health business! Search Engine Optimization, or SEO,  is a process that has the ability to turn any business successful. People find […]